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Payment Plans

Payment plans are accepted on any package priced $500 or higher.

$500-$599 -- Two Payments

$600-$999 -- Three Payments

$1000+ -- Four Payments

Payments are split into equal payments. The first payment is due at the time of booking and each additional payment is due every 30 days thereafter.

For births, the final payment must be made by 30 weeks.

A late payment fee of $15 per day will be charged for late payments up to 6 days past due. Once a payment is 7 days past due your contract is deemed void and no services will be rendered.

In the event that your contract is deemed void due to non-payment you will be required to purchase a full package at full price with no payment plan option in order to re-secure your booking if you choose to continue services.

In order to choose a payment plan option you will be required to provide ShutterHappy Photography with your debit/credit card information at the time of booking. ShutterHappy Photography will automatically charge your debit/credit card on the dates due. Declined payments will be charged $20 and late payment policies will be applied.