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I understand that having a photographer in the room during the most intense and precious day of your life can seem a bit scary that's why I do everything possible to make sure you feel not only comfortable but as tho you've known me forever! Every mom who's had me there to capture the most amazing and magical day of their life (from a first time mom to those who've had 9 *NINE!!* kiddos) has been so grateful to have me there they have trouble expressing their gratitude in words! Most even say I'm better than any nurse and should consider being a doula! I TRULY LOVE birth photography and everything birth related. Birth stories are the BEST stories and there's NO better way to tell them than through photos that have beautifully, tastefully, and professionally captured every moment, emotion, and feeling of that amazing process!

Just read a few of the many testimonials moms have written about ShutterHappy Photography and their birth experience!

With over 10 years experience and over 500 deliveries documented, ShutterHappy is Idaho's most experienced birth photographer!

You can view many of the birth stories captured by ShutterHappy Photography here:


Sarah Carter - 2/26/20

Sarah did a fantastic job photographing the birth of our baby girl. After texting her for 2 days and being sent home once, the time finally came for our baby to come. After being at the hospital with us for almost 12 hours she got some amazing shots. She also helped soothe my anxiety when our baby's heart rate went down and I began to get super worried. She was absolutely amazing and comforting through all the panic I had. We couldn't have been more excited to have her help us welcome our baby girl into the world.

McKala Morgan - 09/07/2016 & 08/05/19

Sarah photographed both of my girls’ births, I purchased the Gift of LIfe Package with both.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with my 1st daughter, Stella... I was a scheduled c-section in McCall, ID and the first to ever have a birth photographer at that hospital! Sarah arrived before I went back to be prepped, she captured sweet moments between my 1st born son and I. Then I was in the OR and Sarah captured every single moment I needed. My son's birth ended in a c-section and I felt that I missed so many of his first moments and I was determined with my daughter that I’d have all those moments for myself. I’m SO glad I did, I still look back on the tender touch of my husband on my face or the ones of my husband seeing his daughter for the first time, eyes filled with tears. I have photos of the first time I latched my sweet girl, photos of my husband handing her to me for the 1st time. Then, we brought our second girl into the world, Claire- we were hoping for a VBAC and got everything we hoped for!

I kept in close contact with Sarah throughout my labor, I was progressing fairly slow at first, as Sarah started driving into town I suddenly progessed very quickly... within minutes I was ready to push and couldn’t stop myself!! My husband called Sarah and she was parking. I could hear her running down the hallway, she made it JUST in time(split second before or after the doctor? Hard to recall lol) and captured the BEST photos of my husband. It was the first time he’s ever seen a vaginal birth and he was absolutely amazed watching his daughter enter the world. Sarah captured Claire’s siblings meeting her for the first time, sweet moments of us all as a family.

I’m forever thankful for my photos and being able to look back on these precious moments.

I’m especially grateful for Sarah continuing to capture my family over the years. I went in being a little nervous and skeptical but Sarah was like a fly on the wall, I was amazed at those tender moments you don’t notice happening in all the commotion and thankful to have them forever. My children’s lives are beautifully portrayed on my walls and I continue to book each and every year.

We’re sad to see Sarah take on more births as we're probably done in that department but I will always, always, refer new moms seeking photos to Sarah and we will keep booking family sessions with Christy.

Racheal Peterson - Apr 2018/Sept 2020

Sarah was our birth photographer in April 2018. We were very apprehensive to hire a birth photographer primarily due to cost, but also due to privacy. Both of which, she curbed our worries and answered all our questions and concerns prior to purchasing our package. At no time did we feel pressured to purchase anything, but after speaking with her, we knew we were going to get something quality.

Boy were we wrong! We got WAY beyond anything we could have asked for. My delivery was 35+ hours long, and Sarah came to and from as I progressed throughout that time, up until it was time to deliver. She was professional with all my family, the staff, and more so me. Everyone was just so baffled about her knowledge of deliveries and weren't totally convinced she wasn't a doula or midwife in a past life!

My delivery turned scary after baby admitted to NICU and after I had some post-partum complications. Although the photography was done, Sarah stayed with me knowing I was alone since I insisted my husband go with baby. She held my hand, assured me I am in safe hands, and gave me a peace of mind that someone other than staff was present in the event things continued to go downhill. Never did I feel like she was in a hurry to rush out of the room and get onto her next obligation, which I would have understood had that been the case.

Now that we are expecting our 2nd this fall, she was our first call. I cannot imagine NOT having the documentation of each birth. It brings back so many emotions and memories, both good and bad, that I would have otherwise not remembered. Sarah's services are immeasurable, and I cannot thank her enough for giving me great professional service, but memories that I will cherish forever.

-Nic Peterson - Apr 2018/Sept 2020

I want to say that Sarah was not just a photographer to us. That is just not enough to explain the role that she played in my wife and I’s birth experience. Sarah not only takes great photos, but her professionalism was outstanding! Also, to my surprise she was the perfect support person to me and my wife right when we needed one!! She made this very emotional time that much more special and I cannot thank her enough for what she did!

Jodan Perdue - Apr 7, 2019

Sarah was a fantastic birth photographer. I notified her as soon as I was in labor and she maintained contact from that point forward. We probably waited a little too long to decide to go to the birth center, but as soon as we were on our way, so was Sarah. She got to the birth center just after us and upon seeing me, told me how good I looked and how calm I seemed. It was a huge confidence booster for me. After that, I didn't really "see" her; she hung out in the background capturing moving and beautiful pictures. At one point, my labor kind of stalled and Sarah provided some helpful suggestions that improved my labor. After the birth of my son, she stayed and got some incredible shots of our first moments as a family. Sarah has given us something that we can reflect on and relive the day our son was born, and for that, we're so grateful.

Lisa Homeister - September 7. 2015

I am honestly a reserved person, so when I found out that my mom purchased the package, I was terrified. Sarah was so easy to work with during the maternity shoot. And when I went into labor, she made me feel more comfortable and relaxed. She was knowledgeable and half the time I didn’t even know she was there. I know in the future when I have more kids, I will always come back to ShutterHappy for the package and honestly because of the service you receive. Sarah would answer any question, no matter how silly it was.